Bartlett CX1 People


Daniele Grandi - Dreamcatcher

Daniele Grandi is working on Project Dreamcatcher in the Design Research group as an Application Engineer, focusing on closing the feedback loop from the end-user back to the research team by pushing the limits of generative design.


Andrew Mill - Fusion360

CAD specialist studying mechanical engineering. Andrew as a firm knowledge of design software and additive manufacturing.


Prof. David Kirsh

David is a Professor/past chair of the Dept. of Cognitive Science/UCSD. David held Visiting Professor positions at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL. He has written on situated and embodied cognition, how environments can be shaped to simplify/extend cognition, and how space, external representations, our bodies and even manipulable objects become interactive tools for thought. He is co-Director of the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination and on the Board of Directors for the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture. He is Adjunct Professor at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Abel Maciel

I'm an Honorary Fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Please refer to my contact on this website to know more about me.

Ava Fatah gen. Schieck

Ava Fatah is an Architect, Educator and Researcher. She is Reader in Media Architecture and Urban Digital Interaction on the MSc Architectural Computation programme at the Bartlett, UCL.

Review Panel

Mickey McManus

Mickey McManus is a research fellow at Autodesk in the Office of the CTO, and Principal & Chairman of the board at MAYA Design, a design consultancy and innovation lab. He's a pioneer in the fields of pervasive computing, collaborative innovation, human-centered design and education.

In Mickey’s current research project, “Primordial," he and his team are exploring the impact on design when three inevitable technology trends converge. Often called the “Internet of Things,” pervasive computing is a game-changer that's on a collision course with two complementary trends—digital manufacturing and machine learning. In 2012, Mickey co-authored one of the essential field guides to the era of pervasive computing in his book, Trillions. He believes that taken together, these three trends give us the ability to shift to an entirely new set of design and business paradigms for the first time in history.

Prof. Robert Aish

Robert Aish has over the last four decades, played a pivotal role in the development of new computational technologies in architecture. As Director of Software Development at Autodesk, he led the recent development of the ‘DesignScript’, a special end-user programming language for architectural computation. At Bentley Systems his ‘GenerativeComponents’ parametric design application was used in the design of the Velodrome at the 2012 Olympics. He is cofounder of the Smartgeometry group, and through his teaching and publications, he has helped to create a vital bridge between architectural education and practice.

Prof. Kate Jeffery

Kate is a Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience at UCL and Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator.

Kate is interested in the fine-grained architecture of cognition - in other words, how information is represented in the brain. She has particularly interesting spatial cognition, because recent work has revealed the existence of a map-like representation of space in the brain that can be used for self-localisation and navigation.

Her lab is currently investigating how neurons encode complex space. See Research for more info about what Jeffery Lab is doing. The lab is part of a bigger group of researchers known as the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience (IBN), which She established in order to develop the biological profile of the department and bring psychology and neuroscience closer together.

Xavier De Kestelier

Xavier is the Global Head of Design Technology and Innovation at Hassell Studio.

He has held academic positions at the University of Ghent, Syracuse University and is currently teaching a design studio at The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL).

For the last 15 years, Xavier co headed the Specialist Modelling Group at Foster+Partners. His team at Fosters specialises in computational design and digital fabrication and is currently working on projects such as Kuwait Airport, National Bank of Kuwait and Kai Tak cruise terminal.

Independent of F+P, Xavier has been director of Smartgeometry which is a not for profit organisation that organises a yearly international conference and workshop around digital design and fabrication.

Martha Tsigkari

Martha Tsigkari is a Partner and a member of the Applied Research and Development (ARD) group at Foster + Partners. She is also the head of the Digital Design Innovation Group in the company.

She is a specialist in a wide range of areas including Performance-driven Design and Optimisation, Interfaces & Interaction, Design-to-production and Fast Feedback & Integration. Her work incorporates the development of simulation tools, the introduction of integrated processes and the creation of physical interfaces. She has provided solutions for hundreds of diverse projects such as the new airport for Mexico City, Lusail Iconic Stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the new metro stations for Jeddah, UAE’s 2015 Expo Pavilion, the Sheikh Zayed Museum and YachtPlus Boat Fleet.

Martha is Module Leader at the Bartlett School of Architecture, where she teaches programming to postgraduate students. She has taught and been an invited juror in an array of institutions, including AA, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania and has lectured and published on the subjects of parametric and algorithmic design on conferences and universities internationally.

Jason Medal-Katz

Jason runs the Autodesk Gallery Experiences and is also in charge of Autodesk Univesity effort.