Bartlett CX1

Design TASK Instructions

Before you start with the task

  • Log into your Autodesk account
  • Start recording the screencast
  • The aim is to develop a design which is innovative yet functional.

To consider during the task

  • Define your goals are (e.g. comfort in holding the object, aesthetics of the design)
  • You can start ideation with inspiration in existing designs, sketching or modelling
  • Work with the workshop lead to simplify definition of goals and constraints in Fusion/Dreamcatcher
  • Give it a go and generate the design in Fusion/Dreamcatcher so you can learn from the initial results and refine your goals and constraints
  • What opportunities do the initial results show you and how can you pursue these in the final iterations of the task?

After you finish the task

  • End the screencast and upload it to the cloud
  • Save 3-5 screenshots of the final object and e-mail to Abel (
  • Complete the design task questionnaire - the questionnaire will be available from the programme page